Who Are We

Erin Huizenga


Erin designs to help people learn. Believing solutions are best found in true collaboration with the people who will benefit from them, she helps organizational leaders and their partners connect human-centered research insights with design thinking and guides teams through the process of change and implementation. Throughout her career she's partnered with Motorola, PNC Bank, OfficeMax, Wilson, and Best Buy at firms like IDEO, Gravitytank, and Gensler. She has partnered with local and national foundations to design education programs for public health and diversity initiatives, higher education institutions to design tools for learning and development, and designed a program to empower students to build a portfolio of real project-based work. She’s designed curriculum and taught entrepreneurship and communication courses for graduate students at the IIT Institute of Design and Northwestern University.

Chris Huizenga


Chris has dedicated his career to helping organizations connect their vision and value more meaningfully with their audiences. His ability to turn insights into strategies has helped clients and their stakeholders in higher education, the nonprofit sector, and cultural institutions to co-create new methods that refine, deepen, and communicate their value. Chris has designed and delivered curriculum for the professional development of nonprofit association members and led teams of administrators and physicians in the co-development of strategies and tactics to leverage communication that drives improvements in community health. Chris delights in developing future change-makers in his communication courses, having taught at institutions such as Columbia College Chicago, University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Economics in Prague. He is currently faculty at the University of Denver.

THE collaborative TEAM

Colleen Pratt


Operations Director

Carlye Lauff


Design Researcher, Ph.D.

Design Researcher


Nadine Foik

Design Researcher

Stacy Klingbeil


Design Researcher

Lisa Lim

Communication Designer

Danny Schuman



Joe Liu


Technical Project Leader

Julie Nelson

Communication Designer

Devin Soule

UX Designer

Video Art Director

Jessica Lee

Design Researcher