Vamonde App



how CAN we transform AND DEMOCRATIZE education through an app?

Vamonde is a new way to learn about the history of a place. This app gives users a way for their voice to be part of a large cultural narrative by adding their own personal experiences to a timeline of places.

We created a communication plan, social media playbook, and centering document ahead of the platform's launch prior to the Social Media Week 2015 in Chicago. We developed a creative catalog that helped this company understand and build their audiences and enable relationships with content creators and their networks. We wrote values that promote discovery, creativity, curiosity, humanity, and reality.

Vamonde democratizes education so that anyone in the world who has this app can learn about the historical significance of a place. As Vamonde continues to grow, so will its ability to provide equitable information to all.

Featured on WGN Radio: “We wanted to build a storytelling platform that connects you to physical place”


From our client partner

“Chris and Erin have a great academic-practice background that translates into the projects that they do through Borough + Block.

We worked with them in the early stages of Vamonde to build a playbook for our company. Borough + Block had to incorporate existing assets to develop new strategies for user engagement across multiple outlets. Not only did they give us a good playbook, they also built in behavioral insights and trend research, a particularly useful tool for a small growing team such as ours.

I recommend that you give them a chance to pitch their ideas to you. I assure you, there is much to be learned from the perspectives they have to offer.”

Anijo Mathew
Founder and CXO at Vamonde