Pilot Light




Pilot Light works to help children make healthier choices, by connecting classroom content to the foods they eat at school and at home. While the team of chefs and academics knew their work was having a profound impact on the children of Chicago, they didn’t have the metrics to illustrate the full scope of that impact.

Pilot Light enlisted Borough + Block to facilitate a day of deep learning in order to identify and incorporate new evaluation metrics that could effectively convey their impact to grant-makers and beyond.



Borough + Block planned and executed a high-intensity one-day design-thinking session to help internal stakeholders identify metrics for the direct and indirect impacts of the Pilot Light program. The goal was to move beyond student development, moving into impacts on family, community, and social factors.


Design Thinking Facilitation 

The session began with classroom observation to identify dynamic focus areas for the research to follow. Then, participants with varying areas of expertise were grouped together and tasked to address each of the focus-areas identified. Borough + Block led each team through a rapid ideation process to pinpoint which metrics Pilot Light should collect as well as the means by which they should capture that information.

evaluation plan.jpg

Evaluation Plan

Following this convening, Borough + Block consolidated the findings into an actionable evaluation plan that demonstrated how the organization can capture the key outcomes among participating student, teacher, community, and family populations.



Pilot Light will begin to conduct their longevity studies this Fall. With a comprehensive evaluation plan that incorporates students, teachers, parents, and community experiences, Pilot Light can better understand the dynamic and holistic impact their nutritional education program has student development.



About Borough + Block

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