Enrich Chicago

Enrich Chicago

How can we level the cultural playing field in the arts?

The arts are supposed to level the cultural playing field. But when 86% of American arts administrators are white, the structure is uneven. In this collective impact initiative, we partnered with Spark to build system design and communication strategies with the Joyce Foundation, Grantmakers in the Arts, and the top 10 arts organizations in Chicago. The team’s goal was to design a movement that would make the Chicago arts scene into a nurturing and equitable system that would increase the number of people of color working in the arts and help them improve their success rates over the next five years. User research, insights, and concept designs came together to design a sustainable methodology for making measurable change.

Shifts in processes and worldview change at a glacial pace, but we’re seeing the needle move in the right direction. The number of people of color working in arts administration has increased 3% in one year with more positive change expected ahead.

Featured in Crain's Chicago Business: How to end racism in the arts