Chris and Erin have a great academic-practice background that translates into the projects that they do... I assure you, there is much to be learned from the perspectives they have to offer.
— Anijo Mathew, Founder, Vamonde
Erin is passionate, thoughtful, and determined to crack whatever design problem she’s currently facing down, whether it’s a massive future-of-the-organizational issue or the tiniest detail of a single touchpoint.
— Dave Sonders, Salesforce
What you get with Chris is an expert in, seemingly, all things (read: I’m jealous), a patient mentor and an incredibly thoughtful guy who really cares about the work; able to squeeze miracles out of dire situations.
— Randall Morris, The BHW Group
Not only did we contemplate ways to change views of social issues, we actually did it.
— Alicia Valtierra, Columbia College
Erin gives a damn about the community, and that alone makes it such an honor to work with her.
— Mig Reyes, Trunk Club
Chris encouraged and supported us to ask questions and find the answers outside of everything we encounter.
— Tiffany Stanley, McMaster Carr
Chris combines the first rate brain of a brand strategist with the sincerity and passion of a philanthropist. He doesn’t just come up with new and interesting ideas—he clearly articulates a plan, then finds ways to get it implemented.
— Tim Hogan, Ogilvy Chicago
It’s clear that Erin is a master of her subject, but she knows how to present the basics in a compelling manner that anyone can easily understand.
— Aubrey Kraft, Kaiser Permanente